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07 Jun

Hazards of Leaky Pipes

By Brham Trim (Calgary) Pipes 2193 Views

Most find leaking pipes to be nuisance. Though, too often, that’s where the concern ends for some homeowners. Sometimes leaky pipes are considered only a small problem that can be ignored until further damage warrants a larger job. What many fail to realise, however, is that leaky pipes can cause significantly greater problems...

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21 Dec

How to Prevent Water Damage in Winter

By Brham Trim (Calgary) Pipes 4661 Views

Pipes can freeze, even in lived-in homes. People sometimes want to vacation during the winter or go out of town for the holidays. This can create a disaster that will be waiting when the family gets home. Frozen pipes can create a water leak, causing thousands of dollars in water damage beyond the broken pipes...

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