Calgary Plumbing Help / December 2021

15 Dec

Hazards of Leaky Pipes

By Brham Trim (Calgary) Pipes 3993 Views

Most find leaking pipes to be nuisance. Though, too often, that’s where the concern ends for some homeowners. Sometimes leaky pipes are considered only a small problem that can be ignored until further damage warrants a larger job. What many fail to realise, however, is that leaky pipes can cause significantly greater problems...

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01 Dec

Heating System History

By Brham Trim (Calgary) Furnaces 4226 Views

The invention of the heating system may be one of the most significant advancements in architectural history. Prior to its invention, a majority of heating was done through biomass and coal. To appreciate how important your heating in Calgary is, you need to learn more about the history of it and how it evolved.

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