World Plumbing Day

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Did you know that March 11, 2014 is World Plumbing Day? As part of their activities, the Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating (CIPH) is sponsoring "Canada’s Most Water Wise School Competition". Schools have already submitted their case studies, and the winner will be announced on (you guessed it) World Plumbing Day.

The CIPH competition pits school team against school team to see who can design the best school water conservation system. Teams are encouraged to have students from a variety of relevant study areas, such as business, engineering, and ecology, in order to achieve a well-rounded approach. Issues that teams must consider include the actual amount of water saved per year, the initial investment needed to implement the system plus the return on that investment, and the impacts such a system will have socially.

However, World Plumbing Day is not only marked at the national level. For example, last year, events in our local area included the sixth annual "Water for Life" concert. This local concert was connected to the global "Water for Life" organization which aims to raise world awareness about water problems and the need for sustainable solutions.

CIPH, a not-for-profit national trade association, also works hard to raise Canadians' awareness that clean water can't be taken for granted. CIPH wants Canadians to know that the increasing demands of the 21st century are creating real challenges to maintaining a quality water supply. However, the plumbing practices needed to keep drinking water safe and sanitation under control are available. They just have to be used. As CIPH puts it, "Technology may change, and cultures may evolve but this fact of life will not. To live together in the world, humans need plumbing...and of course plumbers!"

Sait Polytechnic in Calgary is doing its part to keep the world populated with plumbers. Its comprehensive study program includes instruction in all the latest plumbing technology. This would include both the existing and the emerging "green technologies" such as tankless water heaters, an option offered by The Gentlemen Plumbers.

Speaking of plumbers, perhaps you would like to mark this year's World Water Day by seeing how your home can contribute to a more sustainable water situation. Why not book an assessment with The Gentlemen Plumbers of Calgary  to learn how your home plumbing systems can be "greener and cleaner".