What to Do About a Burst Water Pipe

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One of the top reasons why your Calgary home may experience a burst water pipe is because a pipe has frozen and the water pressure inside has nowhere to go. Water from a burst pipe can cause damage to your home very quickly. If this happens to you, there are steps you can take to protect your home from further damage as you are waiting foryour Calgary plumberto arrive to help.

Turn off the Water Valve
The first step is to stop the water flow byturning off the main watervalve. In colder climates like Calgary, shutoff valves are located inside and often in basements. It’s important that every member of your household knows where this valve is locatedin case of an emergency. Turn the valve clockwise to stop the water flow.

Drain the Pipes
Your next step is to drain any remaining water fromthe pipes. This is done by turning on the cold and hot water in all your faucets. Before turning on the hot water, make sure you turn off your water heater to prevent it from bursting. When there is no more water flowing from faucets, then the burst water pipe should also stop leaking.

Call the Professionals
You’ll want to find which pipe burst and see how big the break is. If it’s not a main water pipe that’s damaged, and the break is not much more than a small crack, then you can probably patch it up for a while. But if the main pipe burst or your home has suffered flooding and damage, our professional plumber inCalgary will be happy to repair the pipe and restore your home to normal.