The History of Plumbing

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Ever wondered what plumbing was like long before the modern plumbing system came along? The history of plumbing begins with the early flourishing civilizations like Rome and China. They had the same needs as we do today: drinkable water and a way to drain waste and dirty water. These needs grew very important as public baths and drinkable water became available to more and more people.

For centuries, the most advanced plumbing included Rome’s lead water pipes and aqueduct system. The aqueducts were sophisticated when they appeared in the late B.C. and early A.D. centuries. They brought water to city latrines, public baths, and homes. One way the aqueducts were less advanced than plumbing today is that there was no water pressure to make the water move or to regulate the flow. Instead, they relied on gravity and descending channels of concrete, stone, and brick to bring water to the cities. Impressively enough, the lead pipes that received water from the aqueducts were pressurized. Lead pipes were how aqueduct water traveled over bridges.

Rome’s sewage system also played a part in the history of plumbing services. Eventually their system connected directly to wealthier homes to drain wastewater from the latrines. The sewage traveled away from homes and emptied into a river. It wasn’t until centuries later, as cities became more modernized, that plumbing started to improve again. Sewage and drainage systems were moved underground, and cities found a way to partially purify the sewage water before dumping it into a river. The materials for piping also improved to bring safer drinkable water to homes.

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