Glossary of Commonly Used Plumbing Terms

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When a tech from a Calgary plumbing and heating company talks to you about your system, you may find yourself feeling like you are at a disadvantage. You are not alone. Just like any other profession, there is a special language that plumbers and HVAC techs use to discuss the plumbing and heating in your home. Fortunately, you can learn more of the most-used plumbing terms so that you can keep up with the conversation. Remember, if you are ever confused about a term used, ask the tech to break it down for you.

One of the most commonly used plumbing terms you will hear is "snake." In plumbing, a snake is not something that sends you running for the hills. Instead, a snake is a long metal wire that is used to remove clogs from drains. An "o-ring" is not short for onion ring. An o-ring is a washer that you will find in fixtures and other places throughout your plumbing system. The washer helps to create a tight seal that prevents water from leaking out.

If your pro from a Calgary plumbing and heating company such as The Gentlemen Plumber tells you he needs to "sweat the pipe," do not panic. When a plumber sweats a pipe, he is basically soldering two pipe fittings together to create a tight bond that prevents leaks.

A "drip channel" is not a boring television featuring leaky faucets that seems like non-stop action for plumbers. It is actually a specially-designed metal channel that prevents water from running down your shower door whenever you open them. Without the channel, your floor would be covered in water each time you took a shower.

We hope that helped you learn a little bit more about some of the jargon that we use as plumbers!