5 Money Saving Plumbing Techniques

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Ever wonder what kinds of plumbing tips the experts would give you if they could? In this section, we give you the top five money-saving plumbing tips straight from the plumbers themselves.

1. Invest in quality parts. At The Gentlemen Plumbers, we cannot stress this enough. If you pay a little more upfront for plumbing parts, you can often save yourself hundreds or thousands of dollars in future plumbing repair bills.

2. When in doubt, hire a Calgary plumbing professional. There are some projects that anyone can do with the right tools and the help of Youtube, but there are other jobs that require the skills of an expert. It will almost always cost you less money in the long run to hire a professional from the beginning than to wait until it’s too late.

3. Running water costs you money. If your faucet is leaking or your toilet runs while not in use, it is costing you money that you could be using on anything else. Fix those leaks as soon as they start so you can save money instead of watching it flow down the drain.

4. Prepare your home ahead of time if you’re going on vacation. Turn off the main water supply to your house, clear your storm drains and rain gutters, and set your water heater to its vacation setting. This ensures your home will not flood and that you won’t spend money on plumbing that you aren't even using while you’re away. See our page on plumbing tips for vacations to learn more.

5. When buying a new home, get it inspected by a Calgary plumbing professional first. First-time homeowners often get so excited at the prospect of purchasing a new home that they don’t have it inspected first. Make sure the plumbing in your new home is a dream by checking it out before you buy.