Calgary Plumbing Help / June 2018

22 Jun

Detecting Invisible Leaks

By Brham Trim (Calgary) General Plumbing 2748 Views

A dripping tap is usually easy to spot. At some point, when the house is quiet, there will be the recurring sound of water falling drop by leaky drop. Yet, how do plumbing professionals such as The Gentlemen Plumbers identify leaky pipes buried in concrete and/or earth which ooze invisibly?

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08 Jun

Backflow Prevention Tips

By Brham Trim (Calgary) General Plumbing 4323 Views

If you’re looking to learn something new about plumbing and are unfamiliar with what back-flow is, you’re in the right place. Here you can learn what back-flow is and all about back-flow prevention from your local Calgary plumbing experts.

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