Calgary Plumbing Help / December 2017

27 Dec

Leaks and Mould

By Brham Trim (Calgary) General Plumbing 1437 Views

The Canadian Lung Association (CAL) says that indoor air quality is an important factor in maintaining good health. In their article entitled, “Pollution & air quality”, CAL reminds us that excess water (in the forms of moisture and humidity) creates a mould-friendly environment. It is also conducive to the growth of dust mites.

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13 Dec

DIY Plumbing Tips

By Brham Trim (Calgary) General Plumbing 2629 Views

With the invention of Pinterest, everyone with the internet is trying to do more things themselves to save money and learn new skills. Below are a few DIY plumbing tips so that you can be on your way to learning all about home ownership and plumbing.

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