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Have a commercial plumbing job in Calgary? Call us at (587) 333-0705 for 24 hour Drain information, installation, repair and service. Or use the button below to get request a service appointment for your Commercial Plumbing.

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Commercial Plumbing


he Gentlemen Plumbers offer commercial plumbing in Calgary for a wide variety of industries and structures.

From industrial plumbing installation and repair, we do it all. No matter what kind of institution or building you need services for, our highly trained and experienced staff can finish the job in a friendly, timely manner.

“Commercial” is an umbrella term that applies to several types of plumbing requirements:

  • The Hospitality Industry: From high rise hotels to modest motels, every inn needs a high quality plumbing system that will last the business for years to come. Hundreds of guests visit hotels across the country for a relaxing stay, including high quality pressure systems and hot water. Many hotels have pools or hot tubs that require maintenance from time to time. Our commercial plumbing for hospitality businesses delivers a strong system suited to high volume usage. We can set up services in luxury, contemporary, and classic styles.
  • Commercial Residential Structures: When you own a large property that you rent out to tenants, whether it be high rise apartments, condominiums, or another type of community, it's important to provide the same standard of quality for each unit. This makes it easier to diagnose and fix problems, to keep the entire system running smoothly. We can install and maintain multiple units, using back flow prevention and testing to make sure each unit is functioning properly for its residents.
  • The Retail Industry: With our years of experience offering commercial plumbing in Calgary, we've helped many stores and shopping malls to install and maintain high quality plumbing systems for their employees and customers. We understand the high demand put on a plumbing system in a retail environment, and we're prepared to face the challenges with high pressure water jets that clear blocked lines and prevent future blockages—to keep everything running smoothly.
  • The Healthcare Industry: In hospitals and clinics, safety and cleanliness are vital components to a healthy environment. The Gentlemen Plumbers is committed to providing sanitary waste disposal systems and plumbing fixtures for the healthcare industry. We can also create and repair systems for laboratory equipment. Our professional standard of excellence makes us a perfect fit for commercial plumbing in Calgary.

Our company is proud to offer a full range of commercial plumbing services to meet your building's needs. Aside from the installation and maintenance of plumbing fixtures and systems, we use high pressure water jets to clear blocked lines and keep them flowing properly to prevent future blocks. Pipe rehabilitation for damaged or leaking pipes is another service that we offer to our clients in Calgary, as well as hot and cold water systems maintenance. When you need roof and storm drainage, we can help. We're the one call you'll have to make when setting up a new building or performing maintenance on any plumbing related fixture.

Just like we do for our residential clients, we provide commercial plumbing in Calgary for emergency situations. Even with the best prevention, you never know when something unexpected will come up. Especially in commercial settings, where the plumbing system is subject to high volume and demand, situations arise when the toilet overflows or stops working altogether. Drains get clogged and backed up. Other times, fluctuations in the weather will cause a pipe to freeze or break, interrupting the normal flow of business. In situations like these, call The Gentlemen Plumbers for fast and friendly service. We'll be out to your location as soon as possible to inspect and repair whatever problems you come up against. Our phones are answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you can call us any time.

Have a Commercial Plumbing Job?

Have a commercial plumbing job in Calgary? Call us at (587) 333-0705 for 24 hour Drain information, installation, repair and service. Or use the button below request a service appointment for your Commercial Plumbing.

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